About Us

Manufacturing in the UK and Europe for over 22 years, and over 7  years manufacturing in Australia, Britannia continues to grow, and is now operating in Australian sites presenting the most challenging of circumstances and in all cases achieving successful outcomes for its  customer base.

Britannia  models boasts a  list of standard details built into every hood including pre-wired ‘plug & play’ lighting, pre-engineered suspension points for installation, a rigid, monocoque chassis construction and a durable engineered design to give clean and attractive aesthetics.

The range comprises Britstream Extract only, Capturestream (entrainment canopies), Econex (high efficiency, peripheral extract and high load) and DWE (dish & pot-wash canopies), as well as Silverline Ventilated ceilings,  Mistream Cold water mist hoods, Refresh Recirculating Extraction systems where no ducting is possible as well as custom designs, finishes and UV options.

Britannia canopies come equipped with Superstream 3050 high efficiency baffle filters and low energy light fittings as standard and all supply-air canopies include filtered and diffused air and personal spot cooling as standard.

Now with an ever-growing list of satisfied clients in Australia due to enviable product quality and service, there are two critical factors that make this achievable; namely, a highly experienced sales & operations team coupled with the uniquely engineered Britannia range of kitchen ventilation canopies.

Britannia offers a superior range of commercial kitchen ventilation solutions including Britstream, Capturestream & Econex Canopies, UV grease and odour destruction options, Refresh recirculating units, Mistream cold water mist models, Silverline ventilated ceilings as well as custom designs and finishes.

Britannia are leaders in product innovation and have a program of continuous improvement encompassing an R&D department which regularly brings new products to an ever-changing market. With increasing presence in Australia, we can provide a high quality, efficient, engineered low velocity solution to your kitchen ventilation needs, with the quality of one of Europe’s finest designers and manufacturers of exhaust canopies.

For more information or consultation on what models and options are best suited to your projects please contact one of our specialist Britannia team on 03 9368 2300.