The Australian Britannia website launches in February 2016.

Now well established in Australia as a significant manufacturer of the highest quality engineered low velocity hoods, Britannia Exhaust canopies offer leading edge European design, a large range of  technical features and options and a team of specialists to provide for the most demanding of commercial kitchen ventilation.

The web site showcases the technical expertise embodied in each canopy variant, along with the many options available including the ‘Low Height’ front options for low ceiling installations, Capturestream CS3 M0dels with 3-sided Capturestream technology, UV Grease Destruction, patented ‘Superstream” Baffle Filters, as well as the recently available ‘Mistream‘ Cold Mist canopies for critical solid fuel environments.

Keep visiting the site for more news and developments and feel free to talk to one of our Britannia Specialists for your next project.