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Cold Water Mist Hood for Solid Fuel Canopies.

Mistream Cold Water Mist Hoods are designed to fit within the Britannia range and were developed to reduce the risk of fire over solid fuelled appliances such as BBQ’s, grills and ovens. Mistream utilises 3 stages of filtration, including the continuous fine mist delivered by very low consumption spray heads. The cold mist spray also aids in the reduction of in-duct, transported air temperatures as well as acting as a natural spark arrester.

Mistream Quality

All components have been designed to achieve optimum performance, quality and aesthetics. Now manufactured under license in Australia.  Mistream and other Britannia variants are available throughout Australia.

Functional efficiency is paramount such as  Mistream technology which helps reduce in-duct air temperatures and provide spark arresting properties for solid fuel cookbanks. On-going running costs are reduced, including lower water consumption, cost-efficient  modular construction, superior engineered design and filter technology that reduces grease build-up in ductwork.

The range has been carefully designed to provide integral rigidity and to be self-supporting – even when disassembled for transportation, so reducing the risks of damage in-transit.

Only the finest materials, with consistent high quality finish are used in the manufacturing process. These are selected and utilised for world-class  performance.

Modular component sizing has been carefully considered to minimise risk to operatives when lifting, handling & installing.

Aesthetics are considered during design, so all Mistream products look aesthetically pleasing & proportionally correct.

Mistream Keypoints

Constant atomised water mist in extract plenum
High efficiency 3 stage grease filtration
Control cabinet

with water meter, filter pressure sensor and control valve

Automatic actuation on start up and shut down
Nozzles with wide angle, cone spray pattern
 Low consumption spray heads,

3.6 litres per nozzle/hour consumption at 300kPa. (most equivalent systems consume in excess of 100 litres per hour)

Fully Engineered Design
Optimum performance
Functional efficiency
Low Velocity
Modular Construction
Integral Rigidity
Finest Materials
Convenient Installation
Aesthetically pleasing and Superior Quality finish

Mistream Features

Grease Filtration

All Mistream hoods are equipped with proprietary design Britannia Baffle grease filters – the leading filter technology throughout the world – as standard. Possibly the single-most important aspect of any kitchen ventilation hood is the grease filtration; poor filtration drastically increases fire risk and maintenance requirements.  By providing a constant fine cold water mist into the special Extract plenum whilst cooking, the risk of sparks is greatly reduced as well as lowering  extract air and in-duct temperatures.

Water usage

Mistream proprietary mist nozzle technology and filter system uses less water than other brands, (approx 3.6L/Nozzle/Hr at 300kPa compared to 100L/Hr) saving more and is environmentally responsible.


All Mistream models are fitted with  low-energy  light fittings which encompass everything that is important to modern kitchen installations;  flush-fitting, low-energy, high-frequency, white-light, T5 lamps & ballasts.


Hood assemblies are manufactured from type 304 stainless steel. All visible surfaces are fine grain satin polished to meet food hygiene standards as well as a superior finish.


Mistream canopies are available in Wall or Island mount, Standard  Height.

Control Panel

All functions are monitored and accessible from the easy-to-use Front Mounted Control Panel. Operation of Mistream is automatic as long as the exhaust fans are running to specification, and automatically switch off when fans are off. Low water pressure, no power and other operating conditions are monitored.

Mistream Options


Wall Mount
Island Mount


Standard Height

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