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Ventilated ceilings are increasingly popular as aesthetics become more important within commercial kitchens, because they provide a clean line of sight, whilst providing a comfortable and safe working environment. Conventional cassette type ceilings fall short of today’s more stringent guidelines and these conventional ventilated ceilings have increased fire and hygiene risks due to poor capture, containment and removal of contaminants from the cooking process.
Silverline provides an aesthetically pleasing solution whilst minimising the fire risk associated with most ceiling systems. Silverline is based on shallow conventional  extract canopies, with the rest of the ceiling laid to grid withinsulated stainless steel tiles, fixed light lanes and removable supply diffusers. The void above the ceiling acts as an air plenum introducing make-up air into the kitchen and is never in contact with extract air.

Silverline Quality

All components have been designed to achieve optimum performance, quality and aesthetics. Now manufactured under license at our Sydney facility, Silverline and other Britannia variants are available throughout Australia.

Efficiency is paramount and the Silverline range incorporates innovative concepts which help reduce on-going running costs in many ways, including lower cost modular construction, superior engineered design and filter technology all contributing to lower running costs. Silverline by its unique construction, offers maximum extraction and flame resistance in the largest and busiest of kitchens.

The range has been carefully designed to provide integral rigidity and to be self-supporting – even when disassembled for transportation, so reducing the risks of damage in-transit.

Only the finest materials, with consistent high quality finish are used in the manufacturing process. These are selected and utilised for world-class  performance.

Modular component sizing has been carefully considered to minimise risk to operatives when lifting, handling & installing.

Aesthetics are considered during design, so all Silverline Ventilated Ceilings products  aesthetically pleasing with Clean Line-of-Sight. Installers and customers alike praise the high standard of finish and  the very high quality  achieved, this being a  critical factor for today’s designs where the kitchen view becomes part of the dining experience.

Silverline Keypoints

Engineered Design – site specific
Optimum performance
Excellent flame resistance
Suited to large High Capacity Kitchens
Clean Line-of-Sight
Low Velocity
Modular Construction
Integral Rigidity
Finest Materials
Aesthetically pleasing and Superior Quality finish

Silverline Features

Grease Filtration

All Silverline Ventilated Ceiling installations are equipped with Superstream 3050 Baffle grease filters as standard. Possibly the single-most important aspect of any kitchen ventilation hood is the grease filtration; poor filtration drastically increases fire risk and maintenance requirements. For this reason, Silverline   utilises our own highly developed Superstream 3050  grease filter panels – the leading filter technology throughout the world.


All Silverline models are fitted with  low energy  light fittings which encompass everything that is important to modern kitchen installations;  flush-fitting, low-energy, high-frequency, white-light, T5 lamps & ballasts.


Silverline assemblies are manufactured from type 304 stainless steel. All visible surfaces are fine grain satin polished to meet food hygiene standards as well as a superior finish.


Silverline Ventilated Ceilings are engineered to site specific specification, contact us for more details.

Silverline Ventilated Ceilings Technical Specifications (click to enlarge)

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