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Britannia Superstream 3050 Filters incorporated in each Britannia canopy provides world-class filtration and flame barrier performance. Britannia’s  exclusive high velocity ‘cyclonic effect’ filter technology performs at the highest
industry levels.
Most grease carry-over occurs with the smaller sized particles, which is where inferior filters fail and can cause maintenance and safety issues. Rugged construction under strict quality control ensures optimum performance and longevity whilst the smooth highly polished surfaces minimise maintenance.

All components have been designed and manufactured to achieve optimum performance and quality.

Functional efficiency is paramount and Superstream baffle filters not only look premium quality, but they perform at the industry’s highest levels for grease particle filtration. This saves time and money with lower maintenance schedules and costs.

Superstream 3050 Baffle filters are a key component in all Britannia canopy designs, that give superior performance at typically lower air data figures – providing true low-velocity performance

Superstream Keypoints

Engineered & Tested Design
Optimum Grease removal performance
Finest Materials
Removes smaller grease particles
Superior Quality finish
Britannia Cyclonic action
Flame Barrier Protection
Long Life

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