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Superior UV grease destruction

ALL Britannia Exhaust Canopies (except DWE and Mistream models)  are available with the Britannia approved Desinfinator UV Grease destruction system.

The patented and unique UV Dual Lamp Modules provide for the elimination of grease and reduction in odour, saving considerable maintenance time and money, as well as reducing the likelihood of fire in the ductwork. Used around the globe, including well known Casinos and even Cruise Liners, these UV Systems provide ultimate protection without the need for regular UV tube cleaning.


Britannia Superstream 3050 Filters incorporated in each  canopy provide world-class filtration and flame barrier performance that works hand in hand with the UV option installed in the Extract plenum.

UV Quality

All components have been designed for optimum performance with minimal maintenance. Maximum Grease destruction is the result of patented lamp design, and their placement  in the critical Extract Plenum directly behind the already filtered air passing through the Superstream 3050 Filter bank. No routine cleaning of the lamps  is required unlike conventional tube fittings, thus saving even more valuable time.

Proprietary Safety Systems include Mechanical / Limit Switch and Electronic  types for complete safety control.

An operator friendly Control Panel is mounted in a convenient position to inform the user of the current status of the system as well as control the functions.

UV Keypoints

Engineered Design
Optimum UV performance
NO Routine Lamp cleaning required
Sealed Control Module mounted externally out-of-sight
Easy to use Control Panel
Efficient Grease destruction leads to less maintenance
Greatly reduce fire risk and odour control
Complete Safety System includes mechanical / limit type systems in tandem
Only operates when Exhaust Fans are running

UV Features

Patented Dual Lamp Modules

Strategically placed in the Extract plenum behind the Superstream 3050 Filter Bank, these lamps require NO routine cleaning, drastically reducing maintenance requirements compared to any other UV system.

User friendly Control Panel

Provides information to the operator on system status, and control of the functions.  Simple touch controls and Visible Alerts are provided for status and any error conditions.

Sealed Control Module

Located  outside the canopy, the Control Module is the heart of the system monitoring lamp performance, safety systems and the Operator Panel. The unit cannot operate unless the exhaust fans are running.

Safety Systems

Mechanical and/or  Electronic Safety Switches  control UV Lamp function


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